A. Principal Investigator
  1. NASA Grant NSG-363, dealing with nonequilibrium ionization in the presence of electric and magnetic fields (Feb. 1963-June 1967)
  2. NASA Grant NRG 34-002-027, dealing with study of liquid injection into the shock layer of a reentry vehicle (Sept. 1965-Aug. 1967)
  3. NASA Grant NGR 34-002-048, dealing with plasma surface interactions (Feb. 1967-Jan. 1970)
  4. NASA Grant NGR 34-002-115, dealing with CO2 electric discharge lasers (Sept. 1969-Aug. 1972)
  5. NASA Grant NGR 34-002-117, dealing with Nuclear Induced Plasmas (March 1972-December 1974)
  6. NSF Grant GK-41610, dealing with high flow electric discharge CO laser systems (February 1974-July 1975)
  7. NASA Grant NSG 1013, dealing with modeling of slow flow electric discharge CO laser system (April 1974-December 1975)
  8. DOT Grant DOS-OS-40056, dealing with combustion generated noise (May 1974-June 1981)
  9. NASA Grant NSG 1058, dealing with nuclear pumped lasers (July 1974-June 1981)
  10. NASA Cooperative Agreement NCC1-22, dealing with computational fluid dynamics (June 1979-September 1995)
  11. NASA Cooperative Agreement NCC1-54, dealing with Solar Pumped Lasers (July 1981-December 1982)
  12. NASA Grant NAG-1-244, dealing with Numerical Solutions of the Complete Navier-Stokes Equations (January 1982-September 1997)
  13. NASA Grant NGT 34-002-8000 dealing with Solutions of the Time Dependent Euler Equations (June 1983-August 1985)
  14. NASA Cooperative Agreement NCC1-84 dealing with Physics of Aircraft Wakes (May 1984-December 1986)
  15. NASA Grant NGT 34-002-8001 dealing with Wind Tunnel Wall Interference Effects (May 1985-December 1987)
  16. NASA Cooperative Agreement NCC1-112 dealing with Study of the Transitional Flow Regime Using Monte Carlo Methods (March 15, 1987 to October 30, 1998)
  17. NASA Grant NAG-1-1876 dealing with A New Approach for Determining Onset of Transition (November 1, 1996 to October 31, 1997)
  18. NASA Grant NGT-1-52154 dealing with a Study of Compressible Turbulence (January 1, 1997 to December 31, 1997)
  19. NASA Grant NGT-1-52177 dealing with Transition Prediction for High Speed Flow (September 3, 1997 to September 2, 1999)
  20. NIA GRA Dealing with Study of Heating Environment of Vehicles at High Speed, (August 15, 2005 to August 14, 2007)
  21. NASA Cooperative Agreement NNX08AH07A dealing with Radiative Heating Environment During Planetary Entry, (Feb.6, 2008 to Feb.5, 2010)
  22. NASA Grant NNX09AM21H dealing with Nonequilibrium Ablation, (Sept. 1, 2009 to Aug. 31, 2011)

B. Co-Principal Investigator
  1. NASA Grant NAGW-1072 dealing with Hypersonic Aerodynamics (May 1987-May 1992)
  2. NASA Grant NAGW-1331 dealing with Mars Mission Research (July 1988-June 1996)
  3. NASA Grant NAG1-1991 dealing with Study of High Lift Configurations (Jan 12, 1998 to Jan 11, 2000) (with J. R. Edwards)
  4. Sandia National Laboratories, Grant BF-856 and Grant A0350 dealing with Transition/Turbulence Modeling of Hypersonic Flows (Feb. 1999-Oct. 2003) (with J. R. Edwards)
  5. Taitech, Inc (SBIR Phase II from Air Force Research Lab) dealing with Development of Hybrid LES/URANS Models for Simulating Cavity Flameholder Configurations (May 2000-April 2002) (with J. R. Edwards)
  6. Army Research Lab Contract TCN 02133 dealing with Dynamically Resolved Simulation of Atmospheric Turbulence Using Advanced Turbulence Models and Adaptive Algorithms ( July 2002-July 2004) ( with D. S. McRae)
  7. NASA Grant NAG-1-030300 dealing with Modeling Turbulence Combustion for Variable Prandtl and Schmidt Numbers (April 2003-August 2004) (with J. R. Edwards)
  8. NASA Contract NNL04AA3C dealing with Wing Shape Adaptation using Multiple Flaps for Drag Reduction and Structural Load Alleviation (January 2004-July 2004) ( with A. Gopalarathnam)
  9. Air Force Contract FA8718-04-C-0019 Dealing with Dynamically Resolved Simulation of Atmospheric Features and Turbulence using Advanced Models and Adaptive Algorithms ( June 2004-Sept 2008) ( with D. S. McRae)
  10. Air Force Contract FA9109-04-C-0015 dealing with Improved Modeling of the Turbulent Diffusion of Thermal Energy and of Chemical Species in Turbulent, Chemically-Reacting Flow-Field CFD Calculation (August 2004-December 2007) (with X. Xiao)
  11. NIA Contract dealing with Development of a High Resolution Mesoscale Model for Mars, May 2005 to December 2008. (with D. S. McRae and X. Xiao).
  12. Subcontract to Colorado Research Associates dealing with New Approaches for Forcast of Optical Turbulence, February 2006 to August 2006, (with D. S. McRae and X. Xiao).
  13. Subcontract to North West Research Associates dealing with High-Resolution Simulation of Atmospheric Turbulence, April 2007-March 2010, (with D. S. McRae)
  14. Subcontract to University of Virginia National Center for Hypersonic Combined Cycle Propulsion, August 2009-July 2014, (with J. R. Edwards)