Hassan Family Fellowship Fund

This fund is established for the sole purpose of helping prospective, outstanding Engineering and Computer Science students who currently reside in or are residents of Palestine (currently defined as the geographic regions knows as the West Bank and Gaza) and Jordan, to complete their graduate work at the College of Engineering at NC State University. Computer Science is in the College of Engineering at NC State. This fund will provide two annual awards of approximately $5,000 each. This fund would provide funds for two years for MS students, and renewable for an additional three years if the award is made to continuing PhD students, if funds are available

The present fellowship program does not cover all the student’s expenses but provides an incentive for prospective students to complete their graduate work. While the College of Engineering is seeking to promote admissions to Ph.D. programs, students much choose either the Master of Science or Ph.D program when applying to NC State. Students admitted into a Ph.D. program tend to have a better chance of being offered Research or Teaching Assistantships. These assistantships typically offer a monthly stipend in the range of $1600- 2000 for half-time appointments and in addition, cover the tuition and health insurance. Thus, priority will be given to students admitted into a Ph.D. program.

Admission applications are made online, which is a separate process then the protocol to apply for this Fellowship. Therefore those who are interested in being considered for this Fellowship should indicate their wishes to Ms. Robyn Fillinger, Manager of Graduate Programs and Student Services, College of Engineering, Dean’s Office, North Carolina Sate University, Raleigh, NC 27695-7547, USA, email: rfillin@ncsu.edu.

The first applications for the Fellowship were made during the academic year 2014-2015. The plan is to initially fund one student and add one student every year until the total reaches five (5). After that, the number will depend on additional funds. While this Fellowship program is a relatively modest one, the principle remains intact. Thus over time, this can benefit a substantial number of students.